standing: miniVin, sitting: jeeMee, sweetSam, lovelyYin

i can't believe i skipped work to watch Hairspray.

OMG, it's practically dumb. But I got myself a new shirt.... yeah, wearing it in the pic.
All my other pictures look dumb so I'm not posting it up.

Anyway, Hairspray is a musical about a racist community and making the world a better place. you know, the yadda yadda principle and moral shit that makes u realize what an arsehole you have been for the past few years of your available breathing life.

besides than that, the nostalgic hairs, costumes and dance moves all remind me of GREASE.
Overall, I'd give this movie a 4/10.


Never knew i could be soooo mean.

sweetSam: I'm still 18.
Me: In your heart, you're still 18 right?
sweetSam: Yes.
Me: But not on your face.
sweetSam: fucker.
Me: bitch...
September 25, 2007


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