Coming back

It is July 2019. Almost 2 years since I last posted. Life is alright. There are few ups and downs but nothing life threatening. Life I guess will always have challenges, usually and mostly due to human relationship and interaction.

I find that money can be an issue too if you grow older and have responsibilities. Mainly because people around you need your help and I want to be in a position where I'm able to help the people who need me just like the way they have once helped me. When we were young, asking seems almost natural. We do it unconsciously because we've been doing it since we were born. Making that transition from being helped to the one helping requires not only change but a very solid sense of responsibility.

So, there goes my opinion about money. Although I sound mature but I'm very irresponsible. I invest in ludicrous stuffs like watches which is fashion and technology dictated. What is in fashion now and worth a lot now might not be worth anything 10 years down the line. The only good thing about watches is that unlike apparels, they are less perishable. They seem to withstand the test of time better than shoes, vintage clothing or even furniture.

Anyway, I will write more. Hopefully in future not about everyday life occasions but about more interesting thoughts.
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July 5, 2019


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