If we all feel unsatisfied with what we have, then will we ever be happy? I feel like the world is always encouraging us to be more proactive in the care of our environment and to use less plastic, recycle more, pollute less etc.

However, I personally think the cause of all that is bad is capitalism or materialism. We are what we are today because we always want more. From the day mankind started farming, we have cultivated this need for more. A triple story house for a family of two because it is what we feel will make us look like we are successful. Food enough for five person although there's only two of us. Cars more than we are able to drive because again, we want to be an image of a successful person.

All these accumulations plus overpopulation is the root cause of our destruction. That is my opinion. The minute we can be satisfied with what we have and judge how successful people are by how happy they are, I think we can control our Earth's destruction.
July 15, 2019


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