Selamatkan Malaysia. Why Now?

I've been reading news and comments about the new petition to remove Najib spearheaded by Tun Mahathir. Among the things the sceptics are saying cover mainly:

1. Mahathir himself was a tyrant who set the government into becoming what it is today. 
2. How politicians are so fake they can pretend to be friends to mutually benefit each other. TWO FACE.
3. Some are not doing it for the country, they are doing this because they want to be the prime minister.
4. With the disposal of Najib, some see it as less of an opportunity for a whole change where they can dispose of the ruling government and go straight to the big change. They are hoping for an opposition win in the next election.

Well, I have only one thing to say, National Security Law

Instead of seeing Mahathir as a tyrant who was wrong, why not see him as a person who has changed. Maybe even trying to protect a modicum of what is left in his legacy. Politicians only hate each other on the stand. Outside, how sure are you that they do not call each other and just hang out to discuss other issues. They might argue over a thousand things in the parliamentary debate but I can assure you, some if not most of them have kids going to the same school, face similar issues in regards to their constituency, talk about health, bitch about people who they both dislike and others. 

Yes, some want to be the prime minister. They are doing it because they want to be at the top. But think of it this way, if he/she is at the top, they won't be making the same mistake and they won't be so desperate to cover up their track till they have to persecute and maintain tyranny in order to survive. 

Lastly, they are trying to change Malaysia and we can't wait two more years or hope to unseat him in the next GE. Truthfully, the effects up till today will take years to rectify. People will not see us the same way again. From the way MH370 is being handled, the Altantuya crisis up till 1MDB, think of our country's reputation right now. What if you're reading this about Bosnia or Turkey. Would you send your kids to study there? Would you invest your business there? 

What about the racial tensions that are cropping up. It has garnered international attention. People from China and Hong Kong are asking us whether the fracas during Low Yat affects everyone in the country. Remember, what they see in the media is a bunch of hooligans attacking a racial minority. They don't see Abu and Ah Chong drinking teh tarik in Subaidah. 

Lastly, I don't know whether they have selfish reasons for this declaration or pact. I only want to know what they are trying to achieve and how they plan to achieve it. Sitting down in a room full of reporters signing an agreement that only fulfills your agenda or does it have any relevance in the grand scheme of things. What are they actually trying to do and how do they plan to achieve it. That is important. 
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March 7, 2016


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