Dear dad,

Dear dad,

It has been 13 years. We're ok here. How about you there?

Mom's fine. She's retired and just taking her time with the granddaughter. Brother has a daughter and she's as cute as a button. She cries sometimes but most of the time, she's just really quiet. Mom has her hands tied up with her. I think she's so attached to Abigail that she thinks the world of her. The whole family loves Abigail. I wish you could see her her.

Mom doesn't do much at home, she cooks, gardens and the crux of her time is for that little monster.

Brother and sister in law is mostly working and when they're not working, they're at home taking care and playing with Abigail. The whole house can be said to be revolving around that little girl now.

Except maybe mine. But that's another story.

Brother is still a bit big sized. I don't think he's ever going to be thin with his work schedule and all. I hope he's healthy though. Don't know much but he's complaining about headaches and high blood pressure. He's not really someone who's very much in tune with his body requirements. Usually he's out there and either sleeping, working or watching tv. They're great though. Brother and sister in law.

I'm fine too. I've been working and work is great. I love my job and I love working. Getting a bit lazier but still managing. Everyday is such a blessing nowadays and I worry less. Worry less about the future and about the past. I let everyday take its course. Sometimes, good things happen and bad things happen, I just manage each as it goes. Doesn't mean I don't make some plans for my future though.

You see dad, everything in the family is NORMAL. Nothing too extraordinary, we didn't change the world but now that I think about it, that's not really a bad thing. Being normal is not really a bad thing if you think about.

Oh, and dad... Happy Birthday!

p/s: there's someone I want to tell you about. Maybe next time.

Your son.
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October 12, 2015


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