A toast to the end...

February 25th. as the rotors slow down and the chopper landed on the yellow drawn tarmac circle, a new beginning awaits me. I didn't see it coming but i was told later. much later.

The eighth time really did struck a chord with me. i was admitted three days prior for infection/cholangitis. In my midst of havoc and trembles, god came to me in my dreams. he was never someone i believed in and in a million years, i wouldn't have gone his way until that faithful day. he came quietly in my dreams, waved a hand over me and said "I will heal all of you".

I woke up. nothing and no one was healed. still, it was an immense experience.

a day later i woke up feeling so much better. i was relieved but still stuck in the hospital.

two days later i was called in for another potential donor. i went down to level 8 and got re-admitted into room 10. they gave me all the necessary preparations including colon cleansing, arterial bloodworks and x-rays. i checked into the room on 24th Feb at 9PM. We were told to wait till 6AM the next day. I waited in the room till 6.30 thinking that it should be another false alarm since nothing and no one came for us. i thought the doctors would arrive any minute telling us it was another botched liver.

6.30, the doctor didn't come in, the nurse did. She told us to get ready in half an hour and change into their operation attire. I was confused but i did as told. in less than half an hour, i was pushed into the OT. I remember clearly being there and the lights were astoundingly bright. In less than 5 minutes, i lost consciousness.

I didn't wake up for 2 days.

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April 9, 2014


pelf said…
Thank you for writing this down. You know I'm always wishing for your well-being :D I hope you're feeling a lot better now, and write some more!!


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