.i went out and bought imitation although i fucking hate imitations.

I saw this watch I really really liked but I couldn't get it because:

1. It was really expensive. It's a Tag Heuer Calibre 1887 Space X Limited Edition, limited to 2012 pieces worldwide only. It costs a rough MYR 20K. I ain't forking out that much for a piece of equipment which I can lose while washing my hand in a 20cents Pudu Raya toilet. Plus if someone robbed me, they can take my life before they take that thing.

2. Like I said, it's limited to 2012 pieces. This means it's sold out. I can't get one even if I wanted to in Malaysia. And the possibility of it being scratched is substantially high with me being careless with every little thing I own. Everything has a life span, I don't protect my HP with covers anymore. I don't buy covers for my laptop & I certainly don't put my camera in a drybox. They're all there for me when I need it and I don't care if I need it often or less than often. I leave it out where I can easily reach for them.

3. I need to be anal about it. Being expensive has its perks but being cheap has better perks. Being expensive means we tend to be more anal about it. Try sitting on a BMW 7 series' hood vs sitting on a Proton Saga BLM's hood. Which owner will be anal about it? Which will pardon you and which will let it slide? I don't want to be a slave of my product and I don't want to be a fucktard to people just because I drive big cars and wear fancy clothes and earn fancy shit. Humans let themselves be controlled by media more often than they can imagine. We deny it but we're suckers for things we want.

4. I can't scratch it.

5. I can't wear it everyday.

6. What's the use of it now?

So I went online, did some research and bought the cheapest imitation there is. There are expensive more accurate imitations with fancy shit names but paying MYR270 for my watch was more than I could give. Now take the 6 points above, change the cons to PROS.

fuck ups
October 8, 2013


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