.the big three oh.

I'm reaching 30 soon. It's not a bad feeling. Some people look at it negatively but I guess I feel kinda lucky to be able to reach 30. I can proudly say I've lived quite a comfortable and fulfilling life. I am not rich, don't get me wrong but I do manage to get by.

In life, I've met many people who assisted me throughout the years but I'm ashamed to say that I didn't help people as much as I ought to. Sometimes I want to but I'm limited by my capabilities and resources. Turning 30 is a great deal to me. I've started rearranging my finances and trying to get more income. It's hard to come by something you love, if you find it, don't let it go. I love photography but I'm trying to improve everyday. I've embarked on some personal projects which I hope to showcase sometime soon. For now, it's still under construction/development.

When you reach 30, there are so many things you appreciate more in life. My friends especially and FAMILY. Family is self explanatory, SOME would give up everything for you, others can only support you. Not because the lack of WANT but the lack of ABILITY. Families started as a unit. Soon, they're part of a bigger subset. Keeping the close ones together will seem harder when your unit expands, people have to prioritize. I haven't made my own mini family yet but I would love to. I would name my first son Adam and first daughter Eve. The END. Two is more than enough to kill my brain cells. The third one will unluckily be called SPARTA. Just so...

Hi, this is Adam, this is Eve and THIS IS SPAAARTAAAA!

I pity the boy who's gonna be the subject of so much ridicule. :)

Well, at least I didn't name him Superman or Batman.

My sister's moving in to stay with me. I don't know how that's going to turn out. I hope she doesn't drive me crazy. I'm a bit of a control freak, I like things my way at a certain angle with a certain preciseness. Little things drive me insane if unattended. Perfectionist? No, more of a RETARD.

BTW, I bought a portable air conditioner. Don't know how much this month's electricity bill will cost. Bet it'll be hundreds. I dread the day!

A shoutout to soon to be birthday boys & girls Nit, Vince, Yin and myself. Bangkok or just while away my 30th entrance?

June 25, 2013


pelf said…
I know you're not worried about turning 30, but I just wanted to let you know that amazing thing started happening to me when I turned 30. Especially things that I didn't think would happen to me, like co-founding an NGO, going to Vancouver for a conference, getting a scholarship to do my Ph.D., to name a few :)

So yeah, Happy Birthday to you, and go forth and do great things :)
Jimmy Ang said…
Thanks @Pelf. Let's hope the same goes to me! Hooray!


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