.the procedure.

the instructions were clear.

i headed up straight after notifying the casualty counter. room 8D10. it's an isolation room. the room would be bare. i've been inside before. that was years ago.

as soon as i reached the ward, the nurses prepped me. notified the doctor and took my measurements. up till here, everything was still fine. then the inevitable happened. they need quite a large number of tests done. they took blood samples from my vein and artery. the artery sample was the worst of the lot. it's deep inside. and it's really hard to find. i think it's a procedure i wouldn't want to go through again. after that, we did an ECG. they detected a slight murmur.

the doctors came in by turns, first the general doc. she asked me simple questions and prepped me for the whole blood sample. second, the psychiatrist i suppose. he told me about the dangers, the effects, the aftercare and basically the life threatening situation. then the head of department came in and did a normal checkup routine and asked me about my current condition. they need to make sure i'm not infected or sick at the moment. the anesthetic doc was supposed to visit next but i went down for an x-ray first. a chest x-ray.

then they prepped me with some swabs, dettol, mouth gargle and edema which was supposed to be inserted up your ass to clear your intestines. i was not really looking forward to that.

the psychiatrist came to find me in the nick of time to tell me the liver is not suitable. the docs apologized countless times. i was the one who felt should apologize because in one hand, they came into the hospital at 3-4 am. in the other hand, i can't help but feel guilty at a slight pang of relieve it was cancelled.

i know i have to go through this. if not for me then for the people i love.

p/s: on a side note. happy halloween.

image from chikumakanagaki
October 31, 2012


pelf said…
I'm sorry about all that you have to go through, Jimmy, but I will continue to pray for you.
Jimmy Ang said…
Pelf, no worries. I'm writing this down for people in the future who wants to search for information regarding this. I noticed not much people are talking about it from a patient or recipient's POV. I did some searches before and came empty.

Thanks for your prayers. I will keep in touch. :) Come back to your BF's hometown sometime...


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