.on hold and waiting.

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I was cruising down the highway at a constant speed of 110-120 km/h  It was late. Almost feels like a dream when I think back. The roads were well known and I've traveled this journey a couple hundred times. This time it feels different though.

3 hours ago.
The phone rang. An unknown number from KL called. I pick it up, it was the hospital. They told me they have it. They ask me to not do anything but they might call me in anytime. I think there's a problem here somewhere, how could they call me to tell me about a potential life threatening cum life changing event that could pop up in a couple of hours and ask me to NOT DO ANYTHING yet. Nonsense right? I went into my room and cleared my stuff, packed my bags. Just in case.

1 hour ago.
The phone rang again. This time, he said... 'We're sorry Mr Ang. The liver is not suitable'. I was kind of relieved. Lied down on my bed and prepared to sleep.

30 minutes ago. 
The phone rang again.This time I knew it was happening and indeed it did. They called me in. I put my stuff in my bags, made sure everything is in order and we began the journey.

On the road.
Its amazing isn't it. What could happen in 4 hours. From planning your life to leaving everything behind for a life threatening cum life changing event. Sometimes I wonder whether these restrictions I'm giving myself right now like putting most of the things I love ON HOLD is the right decision. I have been delaying my photographic journey for quite some time. I think back now and wonder whether it's just a pitiful excuse. There are always more than one way to look at this thing, pulverize it through with determination or sit down with a cup of coffee and wait for things to happen as they should.

I can't plan my life right now. It has kept me thinking though... not planning my life is one thing. Not LIVING my life is another. I shouldn't give up and put everything on hold till after the operation. I should instead love more people, know more things, shoot more pictures, make more memories and laugh more often.

Oh, and what happened as soon I reach the hospital? That's another story tomorrow.

October 29, 2012


Unknown said…
be strong jimmy...may God bless u..i know u'll be ok..be positive :)


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