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Shopping. Christmas shopping is the suckiest thing about Christmas. You don't exactly go out and buy the most expensive stuffs but you buy some of those tolerable stuffs cause there's sooo many things to get for so many people you can't afford to get everyone what they wanted.

I was never a fan of getting mediocre stuffs that crowd the place. Basically, I call them tinkles. Things you display for fun and use a couple of times. Christmas has taught me the joy of giving. I put so much thought into the smallest things it actually surprised me.

Now if there's only an automatic packaging machine, life would be so much easier for Christmas.

Anyway, got them checkered shirts in excess. I don't know why but I've always preferred a white shirt. A single plain white shirt over my jeans and sneakers anytime of the day but its soooo hard to get them in the right cutting and at the right price. I don't feel happy paying a couple of hundreds for an overpriced white shirt. In fact, I think I'd feel pretty pissed off. So, I managed with three of these checkred shirts. Red, Blue and taaadaaaa.... PINK!

What? Real MEN are not afraid of pink. True story.

p/s: On a sidenote, a fucking manbag is sooo fucking useful I think it's a sin not bringing them out. But it's beginning to irk me that I look like a softie.

p/s/s: My Christmas present came in the mail early. I ordered an iPad Dodocase a couple of weeks back and they're here! They look freaking OHSEM k? Like a dolled up futuristic, electronic Moleskine!
December 20, 2011


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