.Bali Travel Last Part.

Wanted to finish this Bali post so here's the last day I was in Bali.

Woke up late and took a long bath before heading down to meet Sastra. He wasn't there the first trip. Took me a few trips before he arrived 15 minutes earlier than the appointed time.

We headed out to get some food first and we had satay at one of the stalls said to be selling turtle/tortoise meat. Truthfully, I didn't think so. It was all just a scam to get people interested especially those into exotic animals. I would be appalled if it indeed was tortoise/turtle.

Somehow, listening or thinking about them tortoises remind me about Pelfie. U there Pelf?

After food, we head over to Nusa Dua and played some watersports. I just watched actually, not really fond of sports we could easily find in Penang.

Then, we're down to grab some souvenirs at a place called Krishna which sells locally made products at a reasonable price. I said reasonable because they're not really cheap but I guess not really THAT expensive also. The good thing is, no bargaining needed so every price's stagnant.

Our last stop was at Uluwate Temple for the Kecak Dance & monkey visits. Truth be told, the lot of us were more afraid of these monkeys than they were of us.

Tomorrow, I head back KL! Here are some of the pics I took there.

Posing at GWK

Kecak Dance @ Uluwatu

chillin @ Kuta

Balinese Spa.

Universal Studios

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December 1, 2011


speedrider said…
boring. takdak gambag. :p
Jimmy Ang said…
Hahaha, ya boss. Nanti balik I letak gambar. Ada kat PC.
pelf said…
Yes, I am here, love. I haven't been checking my Google Reader much lately, but you know I will always be here :D

I have heard of numerous turtle-related stories taking place in Bali, but what can we do about it? :( Sad, but that's the truth. It takes real commitment from regional countries to make a difference.

But when people start to throw in arguments that revolve around so-called traditions, *poof* all of us have to shut up.



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