Life in the 28th lane.

I'm 28 and I'm going to write this like randomly from whatever my mind could think of. Its crazy how fast things are going. Watching my friends get married, have children, get hitched. All these while I've always believed that I should enjoy my youth while it lasted. Give everything a go. Why contort our freedom to the perils of a relationship or relationships.

But as I move on, I find that they have their own merits. They are happy being controlled, contorted into that familiar space we fondly call home. They go back to someone and soon, a family. I go back to my gadgets planning my next trip. My next project. They smile as they watch their kids grow, as they impart their 'whatever distorted' beliefs to younger generations. I teach my mom how to operate the new android system she just purchased for herself. I sit down beside her sometimes to listen to her whine and sometimes to offer advice. But most of the time, she's the one nagging me.

I guess 28 till 30th is the few years we change our lives. From the familiar to the unfamiliar. From being a wayward adventurer clouded by work and projects or a stable happy life with your loved ones. I want both but for now untill I find the perfect person who's ready to explore the world with me... I'm all about the adventure.

BTW, as I find FB & twitter a little constricting... be writing here more often about life and ideas. :)
August 29, 2011


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