BALI Travel Part 1.

I set off from Ed's place around Sepang Goldcoast. The bugger's changing jobs again. I think he's destined to be a traveller, look at his immigration history. Lived all around Malaysia.

Took off at 6.30PM exactly. No delays on AirAsia's part. Wonderful. Took them three hours to reach Denpasar. One of the things I don't really like about this place is the typical tourist traps. They TRY to overcharge everything from the moment you step out of the airport.

We took a cab with someone we met on the plane so after splitting the fares, we only forked out 30,000IDR.

As soon as we checked in, freshened up & headed out for some Balinese food. Ended up in one of the better places along Kuta. Meal for two costs around 50K IDR. Worth it in my opinion. We could've gone cheaper but the first meal's usually OHSEM. The lead impression.
The waitresses & waiters were very friendly. Smiling, laughing, we cracked jokes with them & they'd ask us stuffs like where we're from and all that. As soon as we spoke some Malay, they know we're either from M'sia or S'pore.
I told them I'm from HK but staying in M'sia for the past 5 years. I don't think they'd eat that up.

Anyway, we had a long walk before heading back with a cab. The driver again pulled a high price, we had to bargain it down. The driver introduced me to two vices in Bali, Mushrooms in Kuta Square & Kupu2 Malam in Sanur. I had a big grin on my face.

Day 2 will be out soon...
March 24, 2011


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