. the Camerons & the doctors.

Sometimes I wish I could just write YES everytime someone gives me a form with the "Sex" question. It's called gender u freaking moronic bastards. //end of rant//

Anyway, I'm finally back from a long hiatus. A lot has happened in the past few days. Met up with a friend of mine in SP, Village Mall to catch the Expendables and we spent some buka puasa time together as well as had some crazy boardgame fun like cards and stack 'em' up. It has really been a while kan since I played this game. I mean, as we grow right we forgot the simple things and always look at the more complex picture. Sometimes I wish I could just let go and lay back. Enjoy everything that comes. Not go chasing for something all the time. It gets tiring after a while.

Anyway, the Expendables was OHfreakingSEM. Except during the climax I had to close both my ears as it was getting too loud. I don't know, maybe I could've tolerated this if my ears were full of ear wax. -_-"

A big hug to Sarah, Faris, Ana & Nadira for the great time playing BLUFF and JENGA.

The next day I was in a car heading south to the mountains for a photoshoot. It was all crazy and we had tons of fun. I could've met my future wife there. Except I was working and my eyes just need to focus. It wasn't until after the shoot and we were in our car heading to the next destination that my friends said "She had a tattoo on her thigh".


She would've been my wife. Then to make it up, they started frantically recommending me friends on their FB and telling me whose boobs were big. We were having a ball of laughter all the time. I thank god for wonderful friends.

Anyway, here are some pics from that day. Enjoy. More pics will be up in my photography blog soon. Check out Jimmy Ang Studio & Art.

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August 23, 2010


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