.Kannichikan Teppanyaki.

I finally went to Kannichikan on Friday. It is an obscure location located beside the row of shoplots at Island Plaza, Tanjung Bungah. The place from outside doesn't look much. Even the signboard is just a normal piece of writing.

We went in and the interior looks nice, cozy. But the places are limited, maybe to around 20-30 persons per seating. I guess the secluded place makes this place quiet and not in much need of places. But then I'm here for dinner on a Friday night and it doesn't look that packed.

I can tell you for sure the 'buta' or pork and their wagyu beefs are top notch. A plate of buta with roughly around 8 slices of pork will cost around RM20 and the wagyu beef varies according to quality. The one I have in the pic here is second grade and costs RM58 per plate. The highest grade costs RM97 I think.

One word, OHSEM. Try it for yourself. I'm definitely going back just for the pork and beef.

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July 4, 2010


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