.we always want more, everytime.

Alright this is going to be one of my more emo rants. I kinda miss being able to complain to my blog. All this while its been about jokes, my photography, my pursuits in life and the glams of travel but there are times when I feel like staying at home on a Saturday night is the worst kinda feeling. I know I'm exaggerating and I know a book, a bed and a nice blanket could solve almost any woes I have but I just need a place to complain.

Its been a long ride. This journey I call my life. I've met countless peoples, made a difference in a few and took a great interest in some. But somehow I feel incomplete. I yearn for more. I've had this feeling for some time now, I guess ever since I was small. I always wanted to be different, you know a part of us that wants to secretly have superpowers and daydreams about being superheroes. I had a few of that once. I'm not shy to admit but I'm embarrassed by it.

I have a nice job, a great life and if I live moderately with only the necessities in life I guess I could stay on comfortably. Maybe even save a few bucks for a grandiose trip every year. But why oh why does my heart feel like it needs more? Why do I kid myself on the things I don't need to make a difference that won't even matter 5 years from now? Truthfully I don't know. I just want to move on, make a buck, get on with life, work hard for the future that I think the people around me deserves.

I understand now. I don't need to make a difference to the world. Just to the people I love and I care even if for a second.

//end emo.

p/s: Oh, a little background on why I travel more nowadays and why I intend to in the coming days... Life only happens once. Don't regret it. Take a chance, make an effort, see new things.
May 17, 2010


pelf said…
Maybe you need to have a direction or calling in life, you know, maybe something like helping Pelf save turtles or something else along those lines.

You can come and visit me and take great photos of the turtles, and you can also adopt a turtle and release it into the river yourself.

Think about it :D
Jimmy Ang said…
Pelf, if I remember correctly... ur in India now right? U have a job opening kah?
bibopp said…
maybe u need to find smone seriously.and settle down.from there u will be able to think abt other thgs ahead.look who's talking.i dunno.maybe
Jimmy Ang said…
beep, I'm saving that space for someone absolutely special. When I find her, I'll know because she'll make my heart skip a beat with every breath she takes.

I know I'm demanding and I'm not getting younger but I believe that if I wait long enough, we'll eventually meet. She might not be perfect but she'll be perfect for me and it'll be worth the wait.

Actually I wrote the above for you too. :) It takes a while but all good things are so.
pelf said…
I came back to Malaysia on the 6th, almost 2 weeks ago lah. Now I'm in Terengganu. Come and visit lah :D


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