Bro Code 101.

There is nothing more worse off than sticking up with a lousy friend who goes all out to get the chicks and totally ignores the Mars (Men are from?) population. I mean, I've seen a few and seriously it cheeses quite a few off. There are no inscribed rules when it comes to the actual Bro Code but a silent mutual understanding usually exists among all "sophisticated men". Here are a few I can think of top of my head. (in no way related to Barney's Bro Code although that book is the most OHSEM vulgar thing. )

1. A bro settles his debt.
Nothing shouts cheapskate than owing and not paying. A bro will inevitable run into trouble some times maybe during one of the outings and being short of cash is just not really a nice sight. Thus borrowing and skimping the extra trip to the ATM is what Bros are for. However, I've seen my fair share of people borrowing and not paying back. Life is about giving back and no Bro should ever owe another Bro, unless its a wingman favour.

2. A bro never cockblocks.
We all have needs and first dibs get the chick. A bro should not mischieviously snuggle his way to cockblock another bro regardless of how HOT the other chick is. Remember, there are a lot of HOT chicks out there in this world and cockblocking another bro is just not classy. It degrades the whole Bro symbiosis when we fight for chicks. If you think that the chick which your BRO called dibs first and maybe requested for your opinion and introduced to you is the LOVE of your life, issue a challenge and introduce your BRO to a HOTTER chick. If you are willing to sacrifice, it means she just might be the ONE.

3. A bro pays for the next round.
It says a lot when we go to bars and are there for the free ride. A bro pays for their drinks and doesn't mind but you shouldn't exploit that kindness. Offer to pay for the next round. If you can't afford high class liquor you can at least offer beer. They're cheaper but at least you make an effort.

4. A bro doesn't sleep with his friend's ex.
Unless she's Megan Fox or unless a threesome is involved. If both is involved, the Bro Code does not apply to you. Resist the urge to hook up with your friend's ex, unless there is some immortal silent code of conduct which I never came across, this is a deal breaker and quite frankly a pot of trouble brewing.

5. A man doesn't say what happens at the Bachelor party.
This is the real deal. Anything that happens in a bachelor party stays in your mind and your body. Any details squeezed out from your orifice is unacceptable. Just to be clear, a bachelor party is not something sleazy, it is just a bunch of guys getting out to have a great deal of fun. I mean a great DEAL.
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May 20, 2010


Tok Rimau said…
Due to rule #2 and #4, I am reconsidering our brotherhood.
Jimmy Ang said…
Jgn cockblock tok. And jgn pikat ex-wife kawan u. Tak class. hahahaha.
aifaa said…
haha. your list is BROHSEM!
Kee Sitt said…
Like that aso can? LOL
Jimmy Ang said…
aifaa, u shud start a sissem code.

KeeSitt, I took the words out of your mouth right? Kan kan kan?


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