Swiss Garden fun...

Last week, I was offered the chance to shoot for Swiss Garden International, Pangkor. I took on this challenge to create a more diverse portfolio. Needless to say, I got something out of the experience also.

I sat there at first and I was prepared to setup everything for the 1st hour. Always remember that setting up your lights, getting your white balance and exposure should be taken into account especially if you're working with big clients. I was a bit apprehensive, I have to admit it wasn't easy going into a work like this. But I knew music would help the mood. The first thing I sat down was to blast my music. The only thing is that maybe I need to diverse my song selection.

We shot for a couple of hours and the experience was great. I need to take on my communication skills better. Learn to interact and put people at ease, communicate the things I want better.

Anyway, here are some of the results.

What did I do after the shoot? We headed out for a true ROCK STAR experience.
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April 15, 2010


bibopp said…
wah.i am starting to admire u.fuyyo.big word there.those are really nice shots dude!
Jimmy Ang said…
Thanks Beep! Love u lots...


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