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i remembered a time during my younger days when i was corrected for using ‘oh god’ because it is deemed less fitting compared to ‘ya allah’. to me it is still the same. in my heart, i am referring kepada Dia yang Satu. because He is still the same Khaliq, the one i seek in my every solat, the one i whispered to in my every du’a. and even so, bukankah allah ada 99 nama? so what’s in a name? - source

I'm glad to know that at least one of my friend knows what matters, what is important and what is true. Faith is shared among cultures and religions but somehow I think the word "FAITH" is much more important than the word "ALLAH". What is "Allah" to you if you have no "faith"?
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January 13, 2010


aifaa said…
still, the term Allah should be used to mean 'the [sole] diety; 'yang Esa, yang Satu'. bukan untuk tujuan mensyirikkan with multiple other dieties.

i'm just upset with the events that's happening.that's all.
zuliana_me said…
@aifaa: U know, the event is just a dirty political tactic to collect supports from malays.

If u do some research, Allah is used by Muslims,Christians, and Jews to refer to their god. The 3 religion are very different but initially they worshipped the same god. Except now the catholics are worshipping Jesus more than God.
Allah means God. One God.

I'm too lazy to write it all here. You guys should read this blog by Obefiend. He's very genius & funny.

Jimmy Ang said…
Aif, so if you call your dad abah... does that mean i can't call my dad "abah". Nanti confused kita kan?

Allah is an arabic word referring to god? No?

Pls try to explain. I'm in no way trying to disrespect... just trying to get to the bottom of things and why it left such a big distaste in the hearts of Malaysians.


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