Social Media Profile Pics

Web presence has gone to new heights in the past decade. With the need for faster and more direct communication, we are becoming more and more dependent on social media channels like Facebook, Myspace, Twitter and Blogs. The appearance of social media channels see one thing growing, ‘the need for social media profile pictures’

These profile headshots will represent the person behind the monitor and in front of the keyboard. Without a doubt, what you portray is the only thing most people would notice and the need for a good social media profile picture especially for those who take their online presence seriously is important.

Most of these shots above were taken at one location with varying poses and different props or attire but the simplicity of a headshot is what amazes me. That plus good lighting. I just realized that I rely sooo much on lighting and shadow that the lack of it totally steals my MOJO. This is something to ponder about and hopefully I will learn artificial lighting techniques fast. Strobes and big lights are such a nuisance at times.

Anyway, above are a couple of fashion cum headshot cum social media profile pictures for actress/singer Chelsia Ng. She’s such a dear to work with.

Till my next project then. Tk.

January 27, 2010


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