.the road trip - in summary.

What happened for the past few days? Its kinda like a long road trip. One I took alone. Believe me, the essence to a lone ride is definitely good music. I mean it. It took me through hard times and crazy rides.

Some of the numbers that were playing relentlessly during those long hours include:
1. Bunkface - Through the window, Revolusi, Situasi
2. Meet Uncle Hussein ft Black - Drama King
3. Aizat - Kau Aku, Pergi
4. Amy Search - Tiada Lagi
5. Saleem - Tinggal Kenangan
6. Andra & The Backbone - Sempurna

Anyway, I headed out early Thursday morning to KL. It was a 4 hr ride and I caught up with SillySeng at his office to get his keys. Then I headed over to his apartment to freshen up and got ready to go to Nokia Music Explorer's event held at Royale Bintang @ PJ. 50 of us bloggers / twitterers / music enthusiasts were chosen to preview the new Comes With Music service provided by Nokia. So far, I'm loving it... except for the fact that it's only PC abled. Some of the new songs might take some time but basically, I've found so much inside. My favourite artists like Kate Voegele and Tyler Hilton were inside. I'm yearning to find out more.

The handset that comes with the service is the Nokia X6-00. Supposedly I think an upgrade to the Nokia XpressMusic 5***? My first impressions of the device is the screen. It's big (same as an iphone) with exceptional clarity and the capacitative touchscreen is to die for. iPhone revolutioned it I know but Nokia incorporated it fine. I'm awed. Capacitative is the only way to go from now on. However, since I'm so used to the functionality of the E72, I'm finding the X6 pretty but lacking some business functions I need. Also, the missing keyboard is like drug withdrawal. Painful and slow to get used to.

After the Nokia event, I was supposed to meet up with TinglingTina, SillySeng, NottyNit, SharonO and YippeeHui. But since Tina cancelled, I guess the event was cancelled. SillySeng was tired anyway, SharonO was ok but she only confirmed it last minute and YippeeHui was inconsistent. NottyNit? He couldn't come.

So, I headed back for late supper with SillySeng under his apartment and slept for the rest of the day.

The next morning, I headed out alone again (no thanks to Aif) and met up with Bib and Ucu at Kuala Lipis before heading down to KB. It was crazy long. I was sleepy and tired. So I decided to kiss Bib's ride. A minor dent here and there but one that needs repair nonetheless. FML.

Then the night was awesome, met up with a mate and we had fun riding around the place. The next morning headed out to Hunny's wedding. Met up with some of the coursemates and camwhored a while. I can only stay a while cause I then headed out to meet with Ruby @ KBMall but she was out for lunch. I waited for around half an hour and decided to head back home. The ride back home through Jeli - Grik - Penang was shorter but as scary as shit due to one lanes everywhere and winding roads. The view was GREAT though.

Dunhill Define Alco and Fuel party with my mates to come later. I should definitely take more pictures now...
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January 17, 2010


Anonymous said…
oih ~ apa inconsistent.. i replied u "OK. Be There"

Jimmy Ang said…
huh? apakebendenya?


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