Making the best out of the worst...

It was 5PM, the rain is pouring at parts and everywhere I go, the sky is cloudy. Things are beginning to get dark. I could not notice the direction of the sun but the light is still tolerable, I could do without a flash. My model called, she said it is raining where she is. I said it’s OK. We will meet and if the shoot doesn’t happen, we can chill at Coffee Bean discussing the next project.

She came half an hour late, her car was full of clothes she packed. She is a friend of mine and I love her enthusiasm. She is definitely passionate about the photoshoot. I love people who love what they’re doing, it makes the whole experience better and more enjoyable.

I was supposed to bring them to this place called Sg Burung with this beautiful paddy field and extraordinary sunset for the shoot but I had only the GPS to rely on. And the GPS screwed me over. Directed me to the worst off place somewhere in Butterworth. I couldn’t be more pissed off. Thus, we decided to head over to someplace in Balik Pulau by the beach and see what we could salvage.

The place we went to was dirty but there was this pier stretching out a hundred meters into the ocean with no one. We went there and just as I walked along, I noticed the sun coming out for a moment, it was just a lapse of clouds and it will be over in half an hour or so. I pondered and did some test shots. The first few moments were always awkward. I usually let it build up. Then as it goes, I got some beautiful shots but nothing spectacular. In half an hour, the light is gone. We move away to a different place and this time I had no excuse about the light because it is beginning to get dark. I couldn’t rely on natural light. I had to work with strobes.

I position her and we worked the strobes. One died, and I was left with one. Screw it “I said”, let’s make this happen. After a few shots. I nailed it, showed them to her and the satisfaction I get when they say “Wow, this is beautiful” could not be described. It almost brought tears to my eyes.

January 24, 2010


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