.2009 reviewed.

Back in December 2008, I've made up some new year resolution for 2009. Let's see how this resolution thing got?

1. Earn more. (take up part time jobs and take them seriously.)
Getting them down layer by layer now. Hopefully, it'll be more stable in months to come.
2. Meet more people. (attend more gatherings. Be friendly)
Definitely happening. I'm soo freaking tired these few days.
3. Go more places. (travel to a destination every 3 months)
Does KL count as a destination. No? Naturally a failure cause I'm so tied up. No more annual leave. FML.
4. Workout more. (30 minutes on workouts everyday. Be consistent)
5. Sleep more. (Sleep on weekdays by 12.00 maximum)
Another EPIC.FAIL.

Enough about resolutions. Let's see the OHSEMnesss that was 2009!


Well, back in January my Swifter mates and I had a road trip to Ipoh for some sight seeing. It was an awesome roadtrip. My partner in crime here is Ndru.

I also attended my first HITZ.FM party @ SlipperySenoritas, UPR. First time seeing Hujan in action. Packed to the brim.

My best mate Hunny also came down and we had a blast with Edz and Cheryl in Penang. She's getting married this 16th Jan and I'm soo gonna miss her. All the best.

And as usual, our yearly routine... we POSED @ Kek Lok Si. That was OHSEM.


Back in February, nothing much happened. A lot of preparation came into getting my jig on for March.

But I did have my first fishing excursion with Cheryl, Lippy, Edz and Ndru coming later to kehpochi.

We went to KL this month for a small roadtrip and getting to know the SCM members from KL. It was great meeting new faces.


March was crazy. Let me just summarize the concerts and events happening.

First up was the Jason Mraz concert up in Stadium Negara KL.

Then it was the iFoodEX where I met Shila of OIAM.

The next day, Meet Uncle Hussain were there for absolut OHSEMness.

Then, my first ever wedding shoot for Alvin & Kathryn! Congrats to both of them. They now have this uber cute girl, Samantha. I really need to go meet her.

Then Aifaa and Bib came down to add in a dash of flavour for March. They were orgasmic together.

Boy, was March hectic...


Arpil was a month of photoshoots, photoshoots and MORE photoshoots.

Then we had a big TT @ Apex.

April was also the month where I started my Project365. Now that I think of it, I need to gear up for more of my 365 images. Been delaying them for a month or so.

That's it for now, tomorrow let's review the rest!
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December 20, 2009


ndru said…
Dude..i just realised i m in quite a number of your events in 2009. Either we are good friends or we got no life. All the best for 2010.
Jimmy Ang said…
ndru, i believe its a bit of both.


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