2009 RE-reviewed

A continuation of yesterday's review.


May was a bit toned down. First, we celebrated Cheryl's birthday at Chili's. It was one of the first few times I met Jane I think. She's this ultra cute girl who can eat as much as Edz. Totally OHSEM.

I also introduced TWITTER to you NOOBS.

I attended Louis Pang's workshop which changed the way I shoot forever. So far, Jerry Chionis and Louis Pang are the only persons who has affected the way I shoot and how I shoot. But I do admit I get a blast from ImageIsFound.


This faithful month, I got addicted to The Big Bang Theory, a geeky series, and TWITTER. Lovely.

Petrus and Dhatsnee got married and we had a great time meeting up.

Oh, and I went to KL.. AGAIN. OMFG wanted to go Urbanscapes soooo much but got tied up with some work. FML.

JULY is my birthday!

Celebrated my birthday with a couple of close friends up @ the beach. Ohsem!

Went to Bon Odori and got infected with AH1N1. FML. But cuti like hell...


Still sick. Watched a lot of movies, some photoshoots and did a lot of crap. Then I cut my hair... short.


I had a photoshoot with ChelsiaNg. She was one of the up and coming rising personalities for Martell.

Then the lovely and cute Damaris had her 1st birthday!

Jerry Chionis was in Kuala Lumpur and I just couldn't resist him. He was electrifying in every way possible. His seminar was pepped with jokes and he brings life to his every presentation. It started @ 9.00 AM and ended around 7.00PM. Not one minute in that whole time I felt bored. Unfortunately I had to leave at 7 or I could have had a photo with him. FML.

I left at 7.00 PM because I had a party to go to. Celebrating Arthur Guiness' 250th Birthday @ Sunway where Black Eyed Peas made history AGAIN.

Tomorrow let's have the final 3 months RECAP and finally the REVEAL of my 2010 resolutions!
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December 21, 2009


speedrider said…
shit. you possed with chelsia ng? cilakak, awat tak ajak kami sekali??????


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