.2009 - final review.


October I posed with Abbas.

Lighting up...

Then I went on a Photowalk with the IS peeps. It was great fun walking without a care and shooting everything in sight. LOL.

Belinda iz my ex-colleague!

I opened up my official website here!

Then I visited Taiwan which was totally OHSEM. I fell in love with the place.

I did a project called faces of Taiwan where I randomly shot ppl around Taiwan. It was fun to say the least!

I was also involved in Andrew & Eilyn's wonderful wedding bliss.


I find that my blogging momentum has really subsided by Nov. Mostly because I've been clubbing and getting out too much. I need a new phone too. I don't know. How should I go about it?

Anyway, congrats to JJ and YenTing! They got hitched on this month.

I also got my first HANGOVER!

Also, congrats to SillySeng for becoming a full fledged lawyer! We celebrated with a huge arse burger!

We visited SKYBAR. It really was overhyped. I'm not really a fan of soft music and expensive alcohol unless its with someone I adore.

I almost lost all MY FREAKING HAIR!


Now it is December.

Let's wait for 2010. Here are some resolutions I've lined up for 2010.

1. Earn more. (Standard la kan? Nak jadi kaya dot com).
2. Exercise at least 30 minutes every day. (I'm determined to make this happen)
3. Live life harder, travel more. Get out to a different country. (A vacation sometime in 2010)
4. No accidents. (Cleaning up my car crash record.)
5. Meet more people. (Been doing it since 2008 and I'm loving it.)
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December 23, 2009


budakbarublaja said…
i like number 4...same here...i pray really really hard ...no more accident...
Jimmy Ang said…
lol, guess crashes arent really fun after the first few times. it kinda gets tiring kan?


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