.Sunsilk fucked me up?

Sunsilk fiasco.

This post might turn into a few pages. Basically I'm still pissed but I'm sooo fucking busy I can't be bothered to write in coherent sentences.

BTW, a couple of months ago. I bought that Sunsilk shit. That shampoo claiming to strengthen and prevent hair loss. I don't suffer from hair loss... yet but I love the smell. Its those ginseng gold shit. I'll post a pic when I get back after this.

Anyway, I bought them and since I share a bathroom with my bro and his gf, we use it together. My bro has short hair thus he doesn't really wash his hair much.

Fast forward a couple of weeks later, I found out that I've been losing a shitload amount of hair. It was horrendous. I began to freak out. I examined my food, was more careful with food intake. I stopped using hair gel for a while. Basically, I took great precaution in being anal about my hair loss. God forbid if it was pre-mature baldness... I'd be fucked up. No offense to bald heads but I really fancy hair.

Anyway, I was about to visit a hair specialist a couple of weeks back after being freaked out and traumatized. When I found a new bottle of shampoo and another bottle of hair tonic in the bathroom. My guess is, someone must be having the same shit as I do.

I asked my bro's gf. Yes she's having the same shit problem. We analyzed our problem. We don't eat the same meal. Maybe only the same warm plain water but we think that couldn't be the problem cause mom didn't experience it. We work in different places, we don't even meet that much. The only fucking thing we have in common is our body shampoo and hair shampoo which is in the same bathroom.

We decided to stop using that bitch of a shampoo and true enough, my hair strength grew back. My hair loss is no longer terrifying. I came to a soft conclusion that the shampoo from SUNSILK could be the cause of my hair loss but until I get further info from SUNSILK themselves, I couldn't be sure. So, I'm going to write a letter to their complaints or CS department hoping to get a reply.

I will post more details about the bottle tomorrow like mfg date, type, pics and etc. I hope Sunsilk takes this issue seriously. I want the actual truth behind this uncovered and I want an explanation from Sunsilk.

The letter and draft along with pictures and details will be sent to Sunsilk / Unilever once I sort out my work. For now, I'll try not to make a big fuss about it... yet.

p/s: I've used Sunsilk before, and NO, I've never had any problem with them. Even this ginseng shit... So I'm guessing this could be a mfg batch fuckup.
November 4, 2009


Unknown said…
jimmy, i did use Sunsilk shampoo before and experienced the same..so now i stop using it, changed to Pantene instead and my hair get back to normal..so,,sila minta Sunsilk bagi penjelasan,,hidup Jimmy!
zuliana_me said…
Saya pun gugur rambut dengan sgt banyak sekarang. My mom & sis also experience the same thing thou I just don't know the exact reason for that. My mom bought me 'Hair retain for MEN'- head& shoulder as she thot it wouldn't matter for women to use it too. Later a great amount of hairs started to fall.

I'm now using Pantene hair fall control. My hair is stronger now walaupun masih gugur mungkin sbb rambut yg terlalu panjang & buat curl.. ;)
Jimmy Ang said…
feed, kamu tidak complain kah? biar kita dapatkan balik hak kita sbg pengguna.

zuliana_me, gunakan hair tonic. try some of those saloon shampoos they recommend. kalo tak berkesan, bare guna balik pantene. Gua sekarang kurang percaya shampoo local/thai.


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