.politicians say the darndest things.

Kelantan Women, Family and Health committee chairman Wan Ubaidah Omar suggested that awards be given to assemblymen for marrying single mothers should they decide to take another wife.

Her suggestion drew support from backbenchers -- all of them men -- who started thumping their palms on the table at the Kelantan State Assembly on Wednesday.

She said the assemblymen could increase their quota to help single mothers with young children and it would help greatly if the assemblymen assisted by marrying them.

Her statement prompted house speaker Nassuruddin Daud to ask Wan Ubaidah to explain the word “quota.”

“What I meant by quota is the number of wives; awards should be given to learned House members who take the lead in doing this and also for those who have already married single mothers.

“This would help to reduce the number of single mothers in the state,” she said in reply to a question by Hassan Mahmood (PAS-Tawang), who had asked what was being done to reduce the number of divorce cases and what efforts were being taken by the state government to help single mothers. - source

*rolls eyes* "WHATEVER". You people never learn do you? At days I wonder where in the blue hell do you even manage pick out these nonsensical remarks? Don't you have LOGICAL thinking advisors to go through your speeches and advise you on such matters?

If awards be given to men who marries divorcees, WTF kind of award should that be?


Really, sometimes you people stun me with such great stupidity. Aren't there better topics to discuss about like how you could help the lives of single mothers by offering personal business loans, giving out IT awareness courses / extension of studies, helping their children?

And for those men who started thumping their palm on the table... Oh, for god's sake, the mere mention of marrying anyone with two breasts will excite you. Wankers.
October 28, 2009


zuliana_me said…
Yeah... i dun agree with this also. I mean, giving awards to guys who plan to marry single mothers. It's not sincere. Plus, there are many other ways to help single moms. If single mom wanna get married again, they'll find a guy for themselves.
Jimmy Ang said…
The best thing of all, these are leaders of our country. wtf. Epic Fail wei.
JooYing said…
This news is the one that angered me like no other in a long time. I have an entry in my own blog too, though it's more rant than constructive comment ..
Jimmy Ang said…
JooYing. Ur rant was awesome!


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