.Papadom - review.

More than anything I think Papadom is an awesome movie because I was touched, I laughed out loud, I almost cried... almost, I laughed out loud.. (eh, macam dah cakap dah. takpe, reinforce).

I'm in love with Liyana Jasmay ever since "KAMI". I think she's good. But in this movie, I am again amazed at her talent. One look at this movie and I do not wonder at the marvel that won awards at the Filem Festival Malaysia. They are aptly given. Deservingly so. It has been so long since I am amazed at a Malaysian movie and since the passing of Yasmin Ahmad, I wonder if I could ever be touched again by a Malaysian movie. This movie changed it. It not only touched my heart but it also tickled me. True to an Afdlin Shauki movie, it brought laughter to the cinema.

Miasara is the daughter of a doting father, Saadom. Too much of love can sometimes be suffocating, we as youngsters can relate so much to that. This movie teaches us about family, love and friendship. Every character managed to bring life to the movie. Noorkhiriah and Afdlin were wonderful as loving parents. I especially love the many "costumes" of the mother. Pete Teo as cameo/supporting was excellent. Chelsia Ng did the role of a BFF almost too well. Her accent was quite chinese(sy) in the movie. Everytime she opens her mouth, the whole cinema LOL-ed especially when her mulut "gatal wan to marah orang". One more thing, I never knew how hot Vanidah Imran and Scha was until today. Totally "HOT". Que Haidar was the artsy fartsy type in the movie. Damn hilarious. Especially his little irks.

Again, I would not compare this with the films from Yasmin Ahmad because although it brought along values, it was Afdlin's style. HILARIOUS. I hope Malaysian movies can continue to bring out great movies like these before getting all gung-ho on SPECIAL EFFECTS, ACTION or ANIMATION. Truthfully, it will always be films like these that people will remember.

If you haven't watch it, go. If you don't believe me, then you're losing out on a great movie.
October 14, 2009


Samantha said…
guess imma hv to youtube it since they obviously won't be showing in the theatre here...support local! :D
Jimmy Ang said…
LOL. Sam, how can you support local by youtubing? *_^
Anonymous said…
Hi jimmy
Great post and i just watched it yesterday. Damn hilarious. I might say i'm surprised that a non-malay liked a malay movie. Guess u just made me wanting to come back to this blog for more of ur posts.
Anonymous said…
The script sucks
Jimmy Ang said…
Hi second anonymous. While it is easy to criticize, I would appreciate constructive comments. What makes it so? Why do you say so? What could they have done to make it better?

You might not be a genius but I'm sure you could write somthing longer than "The script sucks".


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