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These past few days I couldn't be bothered to write. Mainly because I had a great almighty headache, flu & cough. The cough started with a fever last 2 months ago and stopped a couple of weeks back. But then it came back again. Seriously, I'm soooo sick of being sick that I'm downing every available antibiotic there is for this condition, be it flu or cough or anything that even comes near.

I've been arranging myself at home recently but I've been naughty. I've had a great Buka Puasa Feast with my colleagues @ Sunway Carnival. The feast was crazy. After that I headed to watch The Gamer.

Amazingly, I didn't find it drowsy. If you're used to Counter Strike games or Halo.. or Half Life... (you know how out of contact with games I am by the titles I spew out here), you should be able to cope. It's mildly entertaining and Gerard Butler was good. But I wish more focus was given onto the kid wonder who controlled "Tillsman" in the game. That kid was cool. That guy from Dexter? The serial killer series, not the cartoon. He's made his big movie debut here. And not a bad one I say.

I also had a big "Buka Puasa" with Abbas the next day. The food was good but by the end of it, I was coughing like a baboon. I even puked. Great days... sigh.

Hard Rock Cafe opened in Penang on Friday 18th September and Hard Rock Hotel on 19th September. It's a shame I still have this morbid cough. I guess I'll have to pimp out there later in the month.

BTW, next week I'm heading down to KL for a Jerry Ghionis seminar. Then I freaking hope SillySeng gets through with some Arthur's Day tickets. I wanted to get one but since he said he has extra, I guess I'll have to wait. If none at the end... I'll get them at the opening venue.

A toast to great MUSIC!
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September 19, 2009


chris federick said…
Hey, nice photoblog u hv here.
Jimmy Ang said…
Thanks a lot Chris.


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