.Photoshoot with Chelsia Ng.

Friday evening, I had a crazy photoshoot with Ndru. We rented a place up @ Malacca Street, Lee Video. It was a long shoot, 2 hours roughly. But I had a great time. Learning lighting sets, getting good poses. Chelsia Ng was patient with me.

The lighting was set up with one big softbox as main light and an umbrella on camera right *feathered*. One more strobe (nikon sb8/900) behind subject on camera right for hair light. I love hair light. I think it makes the whole image more 3 dimensional. Also, the importance of fill light can never be underestimated. It makes a huge difference.

Also, I learnt something about poses. When posing a model, try to make sure all her joints are bended. The curvier a girl is, the better the result. However, please keep it natural. Overposed models can look unnatural and the viewer can always point something weird out. I learnt much of this watching Chelsia pose. She wasn't like most of my other normal subjects/models who needed directions. She just rocked it with AWESOMENESS.

Anyway, Chelsia is going to be featured soon. Where? Which media? I'll post them here when they're out. For now, let's wait for the hype to come.

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September 5, 2009


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