Day Ninety Six - Lemons & Tomatoes

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"If life deals you lemons, make lemonades. If it deals you tomatoes, make Bloody Marys" - unknown

I don't know, I think strobing inanimate objects can never prepare me for the challenge of setting up lights for a real person. Without any assistant, setting up the flash, getting the exposure and at the same time, engaging the interest of the participant/subject is all too challenging. Believe, me... it will take practice to know what to go for and in a way I guess these inanimate objects strobes will prepare me to gauge the exposure setting better.

So bear with me...
Image OOC with Tungsten WB for the blue feel.

Strobistas : 1/16 on 1' camera left feathered with stofen cap @ 24mm.
Project 365
July 10, 2009


Anonymous said…
zeemi this pic reminds me 1 of my father artwork, tennis racket with egg, and my dad cut d tennis ball into two, and put yellow egg in the middle of tennis ball, hehe, someday i'll will upload just to share :)
Jimmy Ang said…
i can't imagine such creativity. LOL. Great concept. Do share!


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