.feeling lethargic.

It has been a crazy weekend. Managed to meet up with Leng, my operations manager and SinfulPei. On top of that, pimped out my apartment with some lights, visited the rooftop garden in my KL apartment. The view is to die for, but then again.. isn't every rooftop garden in KL.

both images powered by my trusty Motorola Razr V9

Then on Sat night, me and CBeng went out to the Curve (I think I visited Damansara the Curve, Ikea and Ikano three freaking times in two days. THREE FREAKING times. The only consolation was... it is quite near my place).

We hanged out @ The Sanctuary and we saw this crazy hawt chick who dances and sings as if she owns the stage. Really cute not beautiful kind of girl. Ones with attitude. Can't blame us if we have only eyes for her. The others were killing us. Beer and harsh lighting couldn't make it better. Seriously.

Should have hanged out @ The Laundry Italiannies or Apartment. But it was great and I ended up back in my apartment @ 3.30 am for some well deserved shut eye.

At that time, I was already 85% beer and 15% crap.

After the ride back early Sunday morning, I'm still feeling lethargic on a Monday morning. Seriously... roadtrips are overrated.


Day Sixty Five - Vespa

I'm in love with Vespa, especially the Piaggio version. I think I've numerous Vespa t-shirts cause I think Vespa says something. More of like a fashion statement.

Or maybe I'm old and into these oldies culture. First it was the retro look, then Vespa, previously the Delorean DMC.

All of which are so cool and a bit nerdy. OMFG nerd alert.

Strobist info: 1 Pen Torch light on camera front slightly to the right of VF.

#65 Vespa Ride - original image


(POSt iMG) Day Sixty - Fear

Eva codenamed Archangel. Toy gracefully pocketed from SillySeng.

This concludes the post image for day sixty. Sorry it took me so long, life caught up. The rest will be uploaded in intervals.

Have a happy Monday!

Strobofreaks: F42 on camera left shooting upwards to project shadow on wall.

#60 Fear - original image
June 8, 2009


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