Day Sixty Three - Geisha

Zhang Ziyi from Memoirs of a Geisha... HAWT.

I'm in love with Japanese culture. ASIMO, Danbo, Domokun, Onitsuka, Sony... most of them shout Jap. Of course I love my MAC, my Levi's and maybe a bunch of other products which did not originate from Japan too. But I still fav Japanese culture.

BON ODORI (Jap ghost festival) will be held in Penang next month. Most probably on July 18th.

Get your gear ready strobovillains.

1 F42 1/32 @ 24mm snooted 3" on camera right with white card on subject front to fill in with a bit of rim light.

#63 Geisha - view in black


Day Fifty Nine - Out Of Focus

A post shot for Day Fifty Nine. Sorry for the late post but on day 59 & 60, I was dead sick and couldn't come out of bed. As promised yesterday, I went out for a short walk and tried shooting this empty stall. The focused look didn't come out as how I liked it.

So I turned MF and made it a bit OOF. Perfect.

Now I shall head home and take a long nap. Tomorrow I have a meeting with my biggest client in McDonalds. My biggest freaking client wants to meet in Uncle Ronald's restaurant. WTF?

#59 Out of focus - original image
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June 2, 2009


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