yesterday the whole family celebrated mother's day. except for my brother, who's still stuck in Japan feeding geishas.

anyway, we went to TeoChewMeng @ Autocity. Nothing spectacular about the food there, just normal seafood. but the service is a tad better than other local places we've went to.

today is Saturday, and its Wesak day. I'm still contemplating whether to go out for a shoot or not. Is it freaking crowded out there? Maybe I can decide later. After waking up from a good nap.

Keep you guys updated on what I will be doing tomorrow. *_^

p/s: I didn't manage to resist Ndru's poison, got myself a new VG at a super price. Not very cheap but good enough. Damn it, where was the force when I needed it. Going to be on biscuits until Christmas 2012. It will be useful on Louis' workshop though. Expecting alotta vertical portrait shots.


#39 of Project 365

Nothing special about this one. Just wanted to document the day we prayed for dad. Seven years ago on Wesak/Vaisakha day, dad passed away. Today, he still remains in our hearts, memories and life. I guess life does not end once you pass away. You live on in memories and through the people you know. Burnt silver/gold paper is an offering of money to the dead. I'm not quite sure about the inflation or exchange rate though.

Rest in peace dad, we will live on for your memory.

Strobist info, that bigball of fire on the sky and that burning light on camera sensor.

#39 Offerings - original image
daily dose
May 9, 2009


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