i wish a song can lull me to sleep. its 12.30 am and from experience, tomorrow will be a headache to wake up to.

Mother's day coming soon? What are you getting for your mom?
Ahaks, I'll be picking them up tomorrow and keeping them in my secret drawer till Mother's day.


#36 of Project 365

To my surprise, I received the Minolta 28mm earlier than expected. However, there's some oil on the lense which means I'll need to get it serviced. What a bummer.

Bonus thought: I set up a snoot flash for the item behind. Guess what it is?
Clue: Macintosh.
Answer on tomorrow's 365.

Strobist info: 1/32 @ 70mm with Stofen diffuser on camera left.
TTL Flash on camera far right with snoot on rear item.

p/s: I'm also reverting to in-image wording. I think it leaves more space for creative typesetting.

#36 Minolta 28F2.8 - original image
daily dose
May 5, 2009


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