.legalize please?

i think our government should legalize gun. and make it legally possibly to shoot rempits on sight.

oh, and in view of that, they should also legalize pornography.

Can I have an AMEN?

p/s: Ndru is poisoning me with his plundered loots. Dunno he get from where but damn nice. *The force is strong with me. Resist the dark side*


#37 of Project 365

the answer to yesterday's Project 365. Yes, its an IPOD Nano. With my Philips neckband headset, those are really cool. Oh, and I've been meaning to talk about these All American Rejects. My current fav song is "Gives You Hell". I've been humming it like crazy these few weeks. lalala~

#37 Snooted Nano - original image
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May 6, 2009


pepperlok said…
the MV was great too =D
(",) strawberry said…
legalize gun to shoot those rempits and snatchers - yes

legalize pornography? - big NO

Jimmy Ang said…
pepperlok, damn nice right? I love it too.

anese, party pooper ;(


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