Fernandez mana?

Gua duduk dalam kafe melayan ais kosong gua. Gua sekarang kena chek poket dulu sebelum order. Tambah lagi ngan tax, kemudian baru order. Memang miskin. Tapi gua bertekad nak simpan sebab bulan ini gua dah belanja banyak. Vertical Grip la, LP Workshop la, 28mm la... entah apa apa la... tambah lagi ngan patung limited edition Doraemon sempena ulangtahun ke 20 yang gua beli dari Jepun. Sebab nama gua dan lagu doraemon ada kaitan.

Sambil gua hisap air yang gua syaki dari pili bomba tu, gua terdengar kumpulan rempit gua cakap passal Air Asia.

Awek tepi gua cakap dimiliki Ananda, kemudian dia terkapai-kapai mencari nama CEO dia.

Gua lantas menyampuk "Fernandes"
Kemudian gua rasa bangga... sebab nama Fernandes gua sebut macam kawan sekolah rendah gua. Macam gua main bola sama dia.

Awek tepi gua cakap "Ya, Joe Fernandez"

Gua terkejut. Gua sampuk lagi "Tony Fernandes lahhhh makcik oi."

Satu meja kami gelak.

Hidung gua kembang lagi.

Jimmy 1, Awek tepi gua 0.

edited: a little bird tweeted me to change spelling.

#44/365 LovelYin

Everytime we have a gathering, we'd hook up with LovelyYin and ask her to organize the whole thing. Thank god she's not tiresome of us after all these years. If she had, we'd not be having any gatherings.

We had a gathering @ Sundays and there are dozens more pictures of our group but I can only show this cause this is the only one without an important piece of evidence on hand.

I could've darkened this @ LR but I think this mood seems to perfect the image.
Strobist info: HVL F42 mounted on camera with 1/32 @ 50mm 1/2 CTO.

*image removed under request*

#44/365 LovelyYin - original image

daily dose
May 13, 2009


Anonymous said…
I've been following your blog on-and-off and this is my first posting coz I cannot tahan the way you posted up Yin's pic as though she's a missing person (*touchwood*)

but good photography skills... or is it because u got a good subject?? anyway.... sorry can't join u guys... your event coordinator was kind enough to send an invite to me...thank her for me will ya?
Jimmy Ang said…
nit, will do. She memang gilar invite all only. Most probably cause she has no idea who's where. LOL. She sometimes blur.
Anonymous said…
NIT!!! i know...this pics looks darn geli..and im about to say it to JIM too!! please remove and replace it with a nicer 1 will ya??haiyoo...this 1 dunno look like which mak cik go to pasar malam/ pagi...aiyoo...with that round face...

and nit..i know u are not in penang at the time i sent out sms...hehe..but saja...to let u know that we are meeting up.. :D..just try my luck to see if you are in penang at that time..
Jimmy Ang said…
YL, dun lie. You memang dunno he's in KL. Hahaha. Right? Right...?
Anonymous said…
ehh...pleaseeee...i know he's in kl alright??

and would you kindly remove this pic?? please pleaseeee........


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