Day Fourty Six - This is Goodbye.

I had another idea for today. I was at Highway 66 (not 66 actually) and I had the shoot ready. It was OK on camera but upon loading onto my Macky, I find myself to be out of focus. It was unacceptable.

I saw my friend Pet there too. He must've been thinking I was crazy taking pictures alone in the middle of the highway. Oh, the things I do for this shit.

Well, Project 365 is about practice, practice and more practice. It is about pushing myself over the limit and finding new concepts and ideas.

Oh... I might have less strobist pictures or I would also work more with natural lighting in future.

My main problem is focusing as I usually go out alone. What looks in focus on camera might not be in focus on Macky.

After the dead picture, I decided to do another one. And looking through my sets, I realized I don't have a picture of my F36.

p/s: Say "bye bye" to my F36. It is up for packing and courier tomorrow morning.

#46 This is Goodbye - original image.
Project 365
May 15, 2009


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