Day Fifty Three - Fail.

I'll post an extra tomorrow to make up for today's post. Or maybe I'll have to edit this part later on. We'll see.

Basically I was just swamped today and I'm supposed to wake up early tomorrow for a shoot @ Teluk Bahang Dam for the Penang Dragon Boat race.


I watched Night @ The Museum II with Billy Jean, Ean, ChirpyCheryl and Vin Edzil yesterday. We had a light dinner (me actually) before that and talked about a lot of things from Jean's masterplan to open a restaurant up till ChirpyCheryl's awesome carbonara or was it Jean's... not quite sure. *_^

The movie was light and we had a blast laughing. I think all comedies make me laugh. The secret is to go into a moview without expectations and hopefully go out with a fun time. I usually watch a movie just for the sake of it and not think about the logical aspects or more profound details. It tends to suck the life out of the movie.


Then just now we had a gathering with a bunch of friends @ Sunday's followed by Salam @ Ong Yi How. It was crazy. Again, we spewed nonsense out of our mouth and we laughed like hell.

Oh, I met Shirlyn from the workshop too. You can see her in Day Fifty - Posing & Lighting.

Overall, it was such a fun day, I totally forgot about Day Fifty Three. :P
May 22, 2009


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