Day Fifty Four - Way Out

Me, Edz, Tanny and Ndru went to catch some action @ Teluk Bahang Dam for the Penang International Dragon Boat Festival. Sad to say there was less action. A lot of the place were cordoned off and the shots came out less than desired.

Thus I decided to shoot a couple of after celebrations for yesterday and today's Project 365. I should find myself a willing subject. It is hard to shoot quality when you can't control posing, lighting direction and composition. There are moments to be captured but I'm really into shooting portraiture and not really a candid person.

The team below were not the winning team, but they were grinning like they were. They even held up their oars and celebrated their teammates in such celebratory fashion. I'm glad they had fun after travelling all the way from Philippines.

Welcome to Malaysia.

Strobofreaks: One big fireball on the sky diffused by big large chunks of evaporated water.

#54 Through it all, failure is growth - original image


Day Fifty Three (remedy) - Bumshells.

"Some players you pat their butts, some players you kick their butts, some players you leave alone." - Pete Rose.

The dragon boat team from Philippines consist of females only. They're called the BUMSHELLS?

A bunch of lively people. Albeit they did lose, by a big margin... but they were joyous and upbeat about it. If you can't beat them... don't lose fret over them right?


Strofreaks: One big fireball on the sky diffused by big large chunks of evaporated water.

#53 Bumshells - original image
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May 24, 2009


Tok Rimau said…
Maaammamiaaa. I need a pair of those sexy helluva shorts.
ndru said…
Jimmy Ang said…
Tok, pls buy. just pls dun wear. Nanti lemak punggung pipi tersisih keluar. malu. *_^

ndru, yes. Skodeng lens for skodeng activity.


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