Poser : Adjective.

Used to describe a person trying to be someone else by impersonating or acting differently than their personality. Usually a poser tries to be of higher class by mixing with more socially acceptable peers. Also, a poser will imitate actions which defy their norms just to fit in and feign coolness.

Synonyms: Wannabe.


//this post is laden with curses. proceed with caution//

Why are people being such a bitch about Earth hour? Its a fucking event meant to make people aware. Its not some fucking agenda trying to save earth. And for those of you who spent earth hour walking around lighting candles, you're fucking dumb. For those of you who spent earth hour bitching about how people is sucked into this vortex of hype, you know what... nobody gives a shit about it.. or you.

I've seen people bitching about it and bitching about each other. how one is inconsiderate and another is dumb and fucked up emotional sentiments. It is a fucking event, like an Apple Ipod launch... meant to create hype and hopefully make people aware of the product, in this case, the cause. I don't see anyone bitching in youtube and blogs about how fucking sucky ipod launch is. They complain about the fucking product. So, complain about the pollution and wat not shit.

And stop thinking Earth hour will save the world, tree huggers. You're only fucking yourself.


I'm waiting impatiently for my Threadless tees. HunnyBunny said the quality is nothing to shout about and the counterfeit design is easily available at Sungei Wang. But I support original, I support entrepreneurship.


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April 2, 2009


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