Penang Shooting Trip

Today Tanny and me decided to hang out @ Teluk Tempoyak to catch the sunrise. I've never been there so I woke up at 5.15AM just for this shoot.

While waiting for Tanny at the roadside, I caught the moon! Damn nice can?!

Then I caught more bokeh with the beercan!

Once I reach, it was dark and I headed on to shoot the moon again. God, I think I'm in love with the moon!

This is me posing @ Teluk Tempoyak! When I was taking this picture, two village kids came and looked at the viewfinder. Once I found the spot, they gave me the thumbs up!

Pose again for Black and White!

After the trip to Teluk Tempoyak, me and Tanny decided to have breakfast at the Bayan Baru market behind Sunshine Square and think about where else to shoot. Tanny suggested the Relau Haunted House and I said OMFG damn nice CAN? Haunted house maybe can catch a pic of something?

So, we took our ride and headed over to RELAU!

This is me posing @ Relau Haunted House. The house has a swimming pool inside ok? The previous owner must be damn rich. Heard her daughter drowned in the swimming pool that's why it is now abandoned. The bathroom has a space for a jacuzzi also!

Cameltoe? Wanted to Photoshop but nvm, this picture is of me testing my wireless flash. Now I can strobe wireless!

Damn jakun. No comment.

At 11AM, we had to head down to PISA for BRIPEX cause Louis Pang is giving a talk. Damn nice his work. He taught about lighting and posing. He will be having a workshop in May @ Penang. So if you're interested, be prepared. It will cost around RM650 - 750. Go register. Limited to 25 participants only.


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