.my threadless'es'.

My threadless was here last week but I was appalled at the quality. Maybe it's the beige colour and black would've been better but I've never liked thin cloths and these threadlesses are thin. If you wish to know roughly how the quality is, take a look at Topman's cartoon t-shirts. They're almost similar. If you're into those, get these Threadless.

If you notice the first pic on top, the first W in 'w'ww.threadless.com is falling. A print error.


Project 365 Update

Adorable cliche SUPER VILLAINS. Whose your villain?

#17 Super Villains - original image


Edited note (4:42PM)
p/s: As I grow and my love for photography grows. I no longer want to limit them to bokeh shots. Thus, my Project 365 will project my growth from day 1 till day 365. If it feels like a bokeh day, then it will be a bokeh shot. However, I am not limiting this project to just one genre. Like I said in my previous few posts. "I will be dividing my project into a few divisions. Bokeh, lighting and portraiture", or a combination.

Also, I will be taking photos each passing day instead of a few pictures a day. Maybe on those rare occasions that I want to share more than one image but I'll try to make it a priority that I go out everyday on the streets and get a shot for this project. It's part and parcel of making sure that I test my limit each passing day.

April 16, 2009


Samantha said…
Yay, I'll be getting my new gadget end of this month! :D ...

Nice T-shirts btw

Looking forward for more of your work :D
Jimmy Ang said…
Dun tell me your new gadget got something to do with sewing. I'll be anything but hyped up.

I smell a compact cam.
suanie said…
hmm i thought the quality was good. i don't like thick tshirts
Jimmy Ang said…
Suanie, which is why you love it. :) I recommend thin t-shirts to chicks also. Easier to skodeng.


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