.my rather small updates.

Slept @ 5 yesterday messing around with my FB and Tweets. Can't stress how sleepy I am now. Didn't manage to take any pictures but yesterday FUEL was having a Mystery night. Girls get free eyemasks. Kinda cool, except noone was wearing it cause it messes up their hair.

Tonight I'll be lepak-ing @ Apex Coffee for some SCM shit. It will be crowded and I'll most probably be going over with my bro's cute huge jumbo Avanza.

I'll take pictures tonight k?

BTW, if you have flickr, check out GreaseMonkey's Flickr Icon reply.
Also now I'm using Twitterific for Mac. Works great.

p/s: Just won a few bids from e-Bay. Wonder how long it'll take US International Shipping to post it down? 2 weeks or 2 months? Hopefully I can get my Minolta 28-135 G like lens. Its a heavy monster but sharpness is superb and wonderful Minolta colours. I'm planning this to replace my kit lens. And a 24mm F2.8 for a cheap man's wide angle.


Project 365 Update.

What do you have in your car? This is not in my car. My car has a fishing bear doodoll but I think the ASIMO doll is awesome.

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April 18, 2009


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