.Gathering @ Starbucks Auto City.

Last Friday evening, Jules, Mars and me had a gathering @ Auto City Starbucks. Finally after such a long time, we lepak-ed together.

Had a great time but I forgot to ambil duit kat ATM thus you see the TALL Mango Passion below. Poor...

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#12 Tall, Grande, Venti - original image
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April 12, 2009


Princess Leen said…
I miss Starbucking! How ironic. Coz when I was studying, I had no money but I still Starbuck. Now I'm working and have money but NO TIME to go there. HUHUHU!
Jimmy Ang said…
I think you just created a new verb. *-^
Samantha said…
same here la...last time auto city and pacific so far but die die oso wanna drive there to Starbuck. But now, Starbuck depan rumah pun tak pernah pergi. Human is very gatal, we only wanna get it when it's hard to get.
Jimmy Ang said…
now you realize you were a little spoilt last time right? haha.

BTW, your dad and mom is excited to see you back this year. Will you be coming back this year?
Samantha said…
a little? are you kidding me? I think I was spoilt rotten and now also still kinda spoilt la.

already answered your second question on the phone.

did you see the setarbuk mermaid with the breast logo that I posted?
Jimmy Ang said…
Sam: yes. Saw the boobs. Prominently. I have small but focused eyes.

U should do a similar pose below it.


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