.Friday again! YAY!

Add-in note: Gua nampak Anwar Ibrahim dalam MukaBuku. Terfikir nak tambah mat jambu ini sbg Kawan gua. Tapi gua tak kenal dia. Takpe, gua tak tekan "Add Anwar Ibrahim as friend". Gua tekan "Poke Anwar".

Lepas 5 saat gua ternganga. Menyesal. Gua harap Anwar tidak tekan "Poke back".

i think i'm losing ground on the bokeh project. it's getting pretty tiring. not to mention i have to think of new stuffs to capture every day. it kills brain cells. it really does.

BTW, thank god it's Friday! Fridays are my favourite day of the week. Cause it feels so close to Sat and Sunday yet so distant from Monday. Saturdays however are just a bore, cause you might dread the coming night. Sundays are a nightmare. I usually just sleep in and dread the next morning.

Tomorrow and Sunday will be Cheng Beng. Cheng Beng is basically a day in the year where we head out with good food and lots of dead money to offer our ancestors. I wonder how the inflation rate in the afterlife counts. A plate of rice must cost millions cause we easily burn millions of dollars and tons of gold / silver papers for our ancestors. We also burn cars like Mercedes, BMW, Mini Cooper and houses with servants for our ancestors. I don't know much about there but I'm wondering about their road system. Maybe aeroplanes would be a better choice. Along with a pilot. Basically I guess pilots are just higher paid taxi drivers. In the afterlife, everyone flies.. that means they're fucking useless. Teachers on the other hand, might still be needed. Cause we need language to communicate with foreign dead people. Imagine getting paid to teach "ah mah" and "ah kong" so that they can chat with Kennedy.

ok, i'm spewing shit from my mouth. pardon the imagination.

oh, pls enjoy the bokeh shot below.


#3 Starry starry nights. original image
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April 3, 2009


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