.Shila and Meet Uncle Hussain.

i'm here to blog about another event by a good friend of mine. Penang will be having this Battle of the chefs and I believe there is no greater place to conduct this event other than Penang, the island where good food merge. I may be exaggerating cause some of you still think your hometown has the best food whatnot bla bla bla. But you just can't fight with the statistics. The stats are... every freaking map or guide will tell you that Penang is a food heaven.

the 12th Battle of the Chefs will be held on 13,14 and 15th of March 2009 in PISA.

But I will not be there for the iFoodex or Battle of the Chefs. I will be there for the hot and sexy SHILA of OIAM fame. Here's her commercial for Coke. I will also be there for Meet Uncle Hussain of the "La la la la kerja" and "Untukmu" (soundtrack KAMI) fame.

Shila of OIAM 8TV

I will not be there for DAFI from AF5 fame. I have a wedding to attend. Alvin's wedding. Sorry Dafi but I aint leaving Alvin's once in a lifetime marriage for some AF5 dude.

Oh, I will have backstage, frontstage and... onstage (kidding) passes courtesy of the GREAT almighty Ndru. Pls visit his post for more in depth details.

13th March (9.30pm) - Shila OIAM
14th March(9.30pm) - Meet Uncle Hussain

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March 6, 2009


Anonymous said…
thanks for blogging. btw, you need to pay for the backstage pass.i m not almighty la, edzil is .
Jimmy Ang said…
i will work for it. hire me as your *party guest*
Clarence Koh said…
also check out Shila's new Coke MTV with Dafi on Youtube! The song is called rentak optimis


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