.its MRAZ time.

p/s: more pictures from my flickr pool


we had fun in KL. The concert was a blast, although the duet with Penny Tai was a bit sombre and lacklustre.

btw, the SAL50F14 came in my mailbox right before the journey and believe me, it is the king of low light. Great portraiture lens. Worth every freaking penny I paid for it.

For some examples, you can visit my flickr. I dun want to bore some of you who has no interest whatsoever in photography.


p/s: STILL fucking waiting for my Threadless tee. It's been a month dudes.
March 5, 2009


Tok Rimau said…
I see you got the good seat. The expensive one.
Jimmy Ang said…
ini penipuan zoom lens Tok. Harga tiket RM138 sahaja. Nak kata mahal tu tak lah mahal sangat. Tapi semasa belajar kat UTM... memang mahal. *-^
Samantha said…
Jelesnyer!!!! I want Jason Mraz!!! Which reminds me, I totally forgot my Fall Out Boys concert, Damn! Haven't even booked my ticket ><
Jimmy Ang said…
FALL OUT BOYS! Pls ask them when they plan to visit Malaysia when you are there. k?


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