.the international - review.

i went out with Abbas to watch The International. God, if Hollywood goes out and make another freaking blockbuster movie with TERRORIST shit in it, I am going to explode.

It was a really dumb boring movie. The beginning was dumb. I think in the end, they never did explain how the first guy died. The middle was dumb. A lot of confusing plots with no substantial evidence and stupid CIA FBI police shit. The end was mindblowingly DUMB.

In the end, it made me dumber for watching it. Thanks a lot Hollywood. Also, special thanks to Tom Tykwer. Rest assured, this will go into the enormous compilation of useless movies you have accumulated in your lifetime.

Special shoutout goes to Clive Owen who should have known better, bitch. And also Naomi Watts... who after making King Kong... should HAVE freaking KNOWN better. Read the stupid script.

Kthnxbai. This is a very biased non-objective review of the movie, The International.
March 31, 2009


Anonymous said…
yea.. it is darn boring...
almost died in the cinema...
Danish said…
I think its great action film directed by Tom Tykwer, No complaints at all about The International. The plot is original compared to the usual cops versus bad guys trash that often gets pumped out. The story centers around an international bank that makes its profits by supplying weapons to combatants in the various conflicts that cover the planet. Clive Owen is an Interpol guy trying to bring the bank down. The script is excellent, the acting is very good and the photography is above par for this kind of film. Excellent direction.


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